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    OraLine Saliva Drug Screen to be Used by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security Blackwood, NJ, October 2008—Sun Biomedical Laboratories Inc.

    (SBL) recently announced a joint venture with Shanghai Siyi Biotechnology Co. Ltd (Siyi), a China-based company, for the assembly and sale of its OraLine products for use by the Chinese Ministry of Public Security (MPS) and future nongovernmental customers. Over the past few months, MPS has been conducting its test process for OraLine and has now confirmed its compliance with quality standards. As a result, an initial order for 20,000 units will commence with field trials in December 2008.

    “This agreement will have a tremendous positive impact on our Asian distribution of OraLine,” stated Jack Kerins, CEO of Sun Biomedical. “This breakthrough reinforces our confidence that through a strong partner, like Siyi, OraLine will set the standard for MPS drug prohibition programs in China, and be used as a benchmark for high quality saliva drug screen devices all across Asia.”

    Manufactured in the U.S. from premium membranes and assembled in China for Siyi’s customers, the OraLine Saliva Drug Screen is an extremely accurate immunoassay designed to detect the presence of several illicit drugs in human saliva at levels equal to or greater than the cut-off level indicated. Drugs detected include: marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamines, and opiates/morphine/heroin.
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