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    I wonder when the penny will drop re China. Some here have got it. Most haven't.

    Try this sequence:

    12 Dec 2007 - SBN announces Oraline joint venture with Shanghai-based SiYi to manufacture and sell Oraline in China

    29 Dec 2007 - China passes first anti-drugs law - to take affect on 1st June 2008

    28 Feb 2008 - SBN announces significant progress in SiYi alliance - testing proceeding in 15 cities and manufacturing facility selected (prior to completion of testing....interesting that!) with fit-out about to commence

    3 March 2008 (TODAY) - China's first anti-drug radio program airs in Shanghai

    4 March - 31 May 2008 - for us to have fun speculating about

    1 June 2008 - China's first anti-drug law commences (With the big question to ponder: Will the Chinese police have any new toys to play with on Day 1?)

    Here's a press article and link on the new anti-drug radio program. A nice vehicle, indeed, for promting the use and benefits of Oraline

    China's first anti-drug radio program airs in Shanghai

    2008-03-03 19:43:08

    SHANGHAI, March 3 (Xinhua) -- China's first anti-drug radio program, Anti-Drug Pioneer, aired for the first time here on Sunday.

    The hourly program is to run weekly on Shanghai East Radio.

    It is being co-sponsored by the Shanghai Media Group and Shanghai Anti-Drug Committee.

    Lin Huabin, deputy director of the Shanghai Anti-Drug Committee, was invited as a guest co-anchor to join the premiere.

    Meanwhile, an increasing number of Chinese celebrities have been involved in drug scandals, with the latest case being singer Xie Dong. Xie, who became an anti-drug volunteer after being detained for drug abuse one year ago, was detained on Sunday for the same reason.

    The 45-year-old singer and his girlfriend were taken into custody for 10 days over the weekend after testing positive for met amphetamines.

    Less than two months ago, Zhang Yuan, one of China's most popular directors, was arrested on drug charges.

    China adopted its first anti-drug law in December in a bid to curb drug-related crimes and reduce the growing number of users, especially under-aged addicts. The law will take effect on June 12008.

    It is estimated that China has more than 700,000 heroin addicts, of whom 69 percent are under 35.
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