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    „« The Company has received an initial order from SiYi for product to conduct trials across 15

    „« The Company is providing educational support to ensure correct use of the product in the
    selected trial sites;

    The results of these trials will be collated and submitted with the registration documentation to
    the relevant government authority; and

    „« SiYi have selected a suitable manufacturing facility and will shortly commence facility planning
    and installation.

    Reading back on the 12 dec announcement re SIYI
    I believe we may be further advanced with China than many think.

    The trials must have gone well or China is a done deal.

    Otherwise, why would you select a suitable site and you certainly wouldn't be talking about installation.

    Reading between the lines I would say China is a done deal.

    The milestones the company talk about are just formalities to make it look like the government has done things by the book.
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