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    Chinese government pushes cleaner coal
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    Published: July 6, 2007 at 1:49 PM
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    BEIJING, July 6 (UPI) -- The Chinese government urged the coal industry to speed up its energy-saving and emission-control measures Thursday.

    Industry watchdog the National Development and Reform Commission notified coal firms, part of the largest coal industry in the world, that by 2010 energy consumption should be cut by 20 percent per ton from 2005 levels.

    The industry should increase its use of solid waste, coal mine water and coal bed methane, suggested the NDRC, which offered rewards, like preferred access to electric grids, for companies with favorable policies, China Daily reported.

    The NRDC said solid waste, such as coal flurry, could be used in up to 70 percent of electricity production and 60 percent of coal bed methane could be used by 2010. In 2005 coal waste was only used in 45 percent of electricity production.

    Coal companies were also urged to replace outdated equipment and small mines, and washeries and coke plants were told they must improve their conservation and emissions. Among the suggested provisions, new coal washeries must have an annual capacity of at least 300,000 tons a year, and their consumption must not exceed 8 kilowatt hours per ton.

    Investment in new equipment must be increased, and focus should be placed on forming partnerships with universities and research institutions to develop new emissions control and conservation technologies.

    Coal provides the majority of China's power and is keeping the country from meeting its renewable energy and emissions reduction goals. | Digg it | RSS

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