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    bra: Are you, by chance, a writer for China Daily, the English language propaganda rag for the Chinese Communist Party? If not, you might apply for a job there-you would excel. You probably could have worked on your linking your essay to rare earths or Lynas. Get real, the world knows perfectly well that China is the epitome of an international trade rogue. It simply doesn't do what it agrees to do if it thinks doing so wouldn't be good for it. As regards Huawei, of course it spies for the Communist Party as do all Chinese companies as required when told to do by recently passed "legislation"--is simply what President Xi wants as now virtual dictator for life and there is zero opposition to him. In fact, Chinese now are required by that same law to spy on each other. Speaking of "spying", Trump is looking into blacklisting China's Hikvision, the company that produces the surveillance cameras used in Xinjiang, which now is a virtual police state, to control Muslims and to destroy their culture. When expanded to the entire country, it will make it even easier to crush privacy, religion and all freedoms so everyone will be more comfortable doing the Chinese Communist Party. Sorry, party members can't have religious beliefs only belief in Chairman Xi and the party. China is exporting this 1984 equipment to other dictatorships around the world. But, getting back to Huawei, great news that Britain's ARM has cut off all business--necessary for Huawei's existence. Finally, someone in China's face. All this makes me think the trade war between China and the US will be a long one and eventually lead to at least the threat of a rare earths embargo. That is why I've come back into Lynas. Below for your evening viewing pleasure--long (1 hour 20 minutes)--this guy, a hyper hardliner, now is one of Trump's key trade advisors. All this makes me think that Lynas (LYC) very well can benefit from the trade fiction.

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