This case does raise a few issues, It's widely known that China...

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    This case does raise a few issues,
    1. It's widely known that China has harsh drug penalties.
    2. It is widely known that China produces much of the world's Methamphetamine and it's precursors.
    3. If this chap was entering China with drugs then clearly no bright spark and deserving of whatever punishment the Chinese deliver.
    4. If this chap is a drug dealer from Australia, why not buy from the Chinese in Australia? 7.5kg of meth is a sizeable amount, once cut down. Buying here, though more expensive does reduce a lot of the risk. I suspect he may have been traveling to another Asian country as travel back to Australia would carry a high level of risk.
    5. Could this be purely politically motivated and this chap was planted with the drugs?
    6. Could this be a case of a drug deal gone wrong and a(politically motivated) tip off supplied to the agencies?
    Anyway, do the crime, be prepared to do the time. Or at least don't put yourself in the position.

    Probably not the best time to be in China anyway.
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