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    Sustainable development is the major thrust of China is agenda for the 21st century. The investment projects that follow were extracted and extended from the Priority Programme for China is Agenda 21, which seeks to promote participation of China is industrial and business communities, and their collaboration with the international business community, in China is sustainable development. These projects are practical steps toward the realisation of China is Agenda 21 and provide promising investment opportunities at the same time. Brief profiles of these investment projects are presented at the Second High-Level Round Table Conference on China is Agenda 21 which will be held on 26-31 October 1996 at which participants will have the opportunity to discuss common interests and co-operation on China is Agenda 21. These profiles will also be distributed to potential investors worldwide.


    Part I - Commercial Investment Projects

    1.1 Cleaner Production
    1.1-1 Paper and Pulp Manufacturing
    1.1-2 Cleaner Production of Alcohol
    1.1-3 Acetic Acid Production by Methanol Oxo Process
    1.1-4 Caustic Soda and Utility Engineering Renovation
    1.1-5 Cleaner Production of Alkali
    1.1-6 Cleaner Production of Nitric Acid
    1.1-7 Cleaner Production of Phosphorous Fertiliser
    1.1-8 Tartaric Acid and Tartar Production
    1.1-9 Cement Production

    1.2 Environmental Protection Industry
    1.2-1 High Capacity Boiler Production
    1.2-2 Wet Scrubbing Equipment for Desulphurisation and Dust Removal
    1.2-3 FJ Series Flotation Cleaners and Fully Processing Filters
    1.2-4 Research and Production of Environmental Protection Equipment
    1.2-5 DZR Series of Fully Automatic Burners
    1.2-6 Production of Gasoline, Kerosene and Diesel Oil Using Wasted Plastics
    1.2-7 Unleaded Antiknock Agent
    1.2-8 Production of Municipal Solid Waste-to-Energy Incinerator

    1.3 Natural Resources Utilisation
    1.3-1 Production of Vanadium Oxide (V2O3) Using Vanadium-bearing Slag
    1.3-2 Production of Titanium Dioxide Using Titanomagnetite Slag
    1.3-3 Production of Titanium Slag
    1.3-4 High Grade Refractory Materials
    1.3-5 Production of Kaolin
    1.3-6 Compound Organic Fertiliser from Peat Resources
    1.3-7 Expansion of Existing Flower Potting Operation
    1.3-8 Development of a Ginkgo Forest
    1.3-9 Recovery and Utilisation of Waste Tyres
    1.3-10 Reclamation of Waste Aluminium
    1.3-11 Glass Marble
    1.3-12 Glass-Ceramic Granites and Marbles
    1.3-13 Phosphorous Flue Gas Collection and Utilisation
    1.3-14 Brick Production from Coal Fly Ashes
    1.3-15 Comprehensive Utilisation of Coal Fly Ashes
    1.3-16 Production of Medium-density Fibreboard (MDF)
    1.3-17 Graphite Electrode Production

    1.4 Food and Medicine
    1.4-1 Food Production from Natural Seaside Vegetation
    1.4-2 Production of Almond Beverages
    1.4-3 Cultivation and Processing of Fruits
    1.4-4 Processing Edible Wild Vegetables
    1.4-5 Production of Date Foods and Extracts
    1.4-6 Chestnut Mushroom Cultivation and Processing
    1.4-7 Production of Black Chicken and Magic Egg
    1.4-8 Cellulose Fermentation
    1.4-9 Calcium Production by Enzyme Engineering
    1.4-10 Production of Saponin and Wolbachia, a Hormonal Medicine
    1.4-11 Combining Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine
    1.4-12 Production of Traditional Chinese Medicine
    1.4-13 Development and Production of Thermotolerance Beverage and Antifatigue Tea
    1.4-14 Planting and Processing of Desert Flora

    1.5 Other Industries
    1.5-1 Production of Inventors and Controllers for Photovoltaics (PV)
    1.5-2 Production of Solar Cells
    1.5-3 Energy-efficient Lamp Production
    1.5-4 Production of Paper Tableware
    1.5-5 Ceramics Production
    1.5-6 Galvanised Steel Colour Coated Doors and Windows
    1.5-7 Production of Colour Monitors and Keyboards
    1.5-8 Industrial Estate for the Telecommunications Industry
    1.5-9 Production of Optical Fibre

    1.6 Sustainable Agriculture
    1.6-1 A Sustainable Agricultural Base in Hainan Province
    1.6-2 Integrated Tropical Agro-industry In Hainan
    1.6-3 Vegetable Production and Processing in Hainan Province
    1.6-4 Tidal Flat Cultivation in Jiangsu Province
    1.6-5 Tropical Aquaculture and Seafood Processing in Sanya City
    1.6-6 Development of Aquaculture in Poyang Lake
    1.6-7 Mutton Production in Lhasa City
    1.6-8 Production of Chinese Wild Duck
    1.6-9 Embolics (Indian Gooseberries) Production and Processing in Hainan Province
    1.6-10 Forestry Development in the Changbai Mountains
    1.6-11 Rare and Unique Animal Husbandry In the Changbai Mountains
    1.6-12 Production and Application of Fermented Organic Fertiliser
    1.6-13 Production of Humic Acid Organic Fertiliser
    1.6-14 Calcium Magnesium Phosphate Fertiliser
    1.6-15 Large Scale DDGS Feed Production

    1.7 Services
    1.7-1 Xinglong Tropical Garden in Hainan
    1.7-2 Design and Development of a Mulan Ecotourism Protection Zone
    1.7-3 Wuhan Wildlife Zoo
    1.7-4 Construction of a Farm and Ecological Garden
    1.7-5 Jingbei Ski Resort
    1.7-6 Natural Species Garden and Reserve
    1.7-7 Resource Protection and Eco-tourism Development of Khanas Lake
    1.7-8 Computer Multimedia Utility Network for Tide Community
    1.7-9 Beijing Scientific Exhibition and Trade Centre for Environmental Protection
    1.7-10 Dafeng Elaphurus Davidianus (David's deer) Protection Zone (EDPZ)


    Part II - Infrastructure Projects

    2.1 Energy
    2.1-1 Coal Bed Methane (CBM) Development in Panzhuang, Shanxi Province
    2.1-2 Development and Utilisation of Coal Bed Methane in Liulin, Shanxi Province
    2.1-3 Expansion of the Chengde Thermal Power Plant
    2.1-4 Natural Gas Management in Wujin City
    2.1-5 IGCC Application in the Shenzhen Power Plant
    2.1-6 Hengshui Co-generation Thermal Power Plant
    2.1-7 Guizhou Panbei Gangue Power Station
    2.1-8 Desalination of Sea Water Using a 200 MW Nuclear Power Station
    2.1-9 Construction of a Wind Power Station
    2.1-10 Photo Voltaic (PV) Demonstration Projects

    2.2 Telecommunication
    2.2-1 Establishment of Guizhou Public Satellite Communication Network

    2.3 Transportation
    2.3-1 Wuhan International Container Port
    2.3-2 Construction of Chengde - Qinhuangdao Highway
    2.3-3 Construction of Nanchang-Zhangshu Expressway
    2.3-4 Improvement of Safety for Automotive Products

    2.4 Water Supply and Wastewater Treatment
    2.4-1 Coke Oven Gas Recovery and Wastewater Treatment
    2.4-2 Water Supply for the Tarim Petro-chemical Base
    2.4-3 Water Supply for the Wujin Urban Area
    2.4-4 Dushan Water Supply Plant in Nanyang City
    2.4-5 Dafeng No. 2 Surface Water Supply Plant
    2.4-6 Water Supply for Zhaodong City, Heilongjiang Province
    2.4-7 Water Source Project for Zhongxiang City
    2.4-8 Wujin Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant
    2.4-9 Hongguang Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant of Jingsha City

    2.5 Waste Management
    2.5-1 Demonstration of Incineration of Industrial Hazardous Wastes in Tianjin

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