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china has big appetite.

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    Hi Chris your comment that in 18 months world supply will be turned up, i would disagree.

    In 1952 china was still a communist country, Chairman Mao had only recently embarked on the first of many five-year economic development plans. One of china,s goals was to become the worlds largest steel producer by encouraging each villager to have his own foundry.

    Compared to oil, gold, or gems, high-grade iron ore might seem a miserly geographic birthright, after all the world still spends more money looking for gold then any other single mineral resource, so why is the red soil iron ore comes from so important to todays world ?

    The simple answer is that without iron ore there is no modern civilisation, without iron ore there,s no china boom, no housing boom, and no global boom at all. The worlds economic growth is increasingly built directly on the millions of tonnes of iron ore that Australia exports to steel producing countries like China, Japan, and South Korea.

    These days we focus alot on the importance of energy to our comfortable way of life, but the industrial skeleton on which the infrastructure of modern economy rests is made of iron and steel,

    Nations that have it become great. Nations that dont have it will do just about anything to get it.

    Chris you and I, and all holders of Territory resources are in for one-hell of a-ride.
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