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Ancient history, been very clear since early last decade that...

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    Ancient history, been very clear since early last decade that the innovation PMM was coming out of the Old World NOT China/Asia or US, half a dozen or so start ups across UK, Germany, Belgium, Netherlands and even Finland, and finally they are starting to get some more serious finance, however the critical point here is they ALL will be using Chinese manufactured NdFeB, right alongside VW's PMM component manufacturer in Germany for 500kpa ID.3 motors.

    The Germans particularly have woken to their stupidity in not moving 5/6yrs ago when they were approached to establish NdFeB manufacture, even with existing metal & mag IP they are now talking FIVE years to establish the commercial capacity required.

    This is a hell of a bottleneck that the Chinese are well positioned to take full advantage of, the three party contracts Gavin now spruiking little more than tissue paper to a raging bull.

    While the innovation certainly flowing from Eu it's not difficult to see China controlling 90% of PMM manufacture in 5yrs time.
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