IHG intellect holdings limited

china deal stock up 21.3%

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    Massive deal on a longer term play. Excerpt from announcement below:

    Sydney - Tuesday - September 23: (RWE) - Intellect Holdings Ltd
    has signed a partnership agreement with Shanghai Posts &
    Telecommunications Equipment Co Ltd (SHPTE).
    The agreement includes an order for 10,000 PRESTO 210p Attended
    Transaction Devices over the next six months.
    SHPTE is now Intellect's exclusive supplier in China.
    It will promote the entire Intellect range to banks, retailers,
    government and China UnionPay.
    Intellect shares today rose 3c to 47.5c.

    Closed at 54 and the stock was being held up at 50 until 10 minutes before close someone tookout the half a million. Since Guiness Peat bought in this stock has now released deals in the US twice, China, Mexico and Greece. What many australians take for granted is the ability to pay by card and type your pin code into a machine for security purposes. Many countries including the UK just require a signature and hence fraud is massive. That is why the push in the next 2-3 years towards a secure payment processing method and why countries like England and most of the EU are moving towards that now. Intellect have the leading technology according to VISA and many of the deals are because there product is VISA endorsed.

    There financials at year end were not good however there is certainly potential for this company to turn around and that is what has been happening the last 2 months and hence why Guinness Peat bought approx 20% of the company.

    All my opinion but do research as they have pulled 6 major deals since june 30th and last financial year they only received 4 deals for a full year. Indication that both global markets are stabilising and that there product is becoming internationally recognised.
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