china could use 15% more copper/year, page-4

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    How much copper and other precious metals are found on the moon?

    But apart from copper, not so far out as it seems.

    " China's quest for energy is not limited to this planet. A main goal of its space program is to extract energy from the moon, something the Center for Space Automation and Robotics at the University of Wisconsin in Madison thought of in 1986. Helium-3, also known as astrofuel, is found in abundance in the Moon's soil. It is the most efficient known source of power -- 99 percent of its energy can be converted into electricity. The moon has an estimated reserve of 1.1 billion tons of He3, and it would take only 28 tons, about the capacity of the U.S. Space Shuttle, to supply the entire electrical demand of the U.S. for a year."
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