We (The West) built China, it shouldn't bite the hand that feeds...

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    We (The West) built China, it shouldn't bite the hand that feeds it, i don't think what they are doing and have done has been or is wise.

    It is the dumb Corporate business people who got us in to this predicament by their desire to improve their bonuses.
    Any idiot can look for cheap labour, minimum safety compliance and attempting to get govt. incentives!

    The other group too blame is the modern day economists who kept pushing the line: why get involved in producing ur own when someone can do it cheaper.

    They simple choose this path, due to their greed and never took into consideration the consequences of the effect on our nation.
    These idiots were simply outsmarted by the Chinese who demanded access to all the proprietary intellectual info, simply for these idiots to access cheap labour!

    Many older shareholders tried to point out the consequences of them following this path, but their arrogance overrode the concern of the older generation.

    These idiots shouldn’t be entitled to any STI or LTI and their base rate should be reduced to a minimum!
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