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china and laos

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    from june 1 the ordinary person in china will be allowed to buy gold. china is a communist country. laos is a communist country. the people of china have a long history of a love for gold and with the odd person in china, could only be good for the yellow metal. the odd bit of talk of a couple of countries, (argentina,china) to back their currencies with gold or silver. u.s. dollar falling like a stone. a couple of rather large u.s. banks short on gold to the tune of 50 odd billion. u.s. needs about 2 billion a day being invested in dollar related products to cover their ever increasing foreign debt. george soros selling u.s. dollars and buying gold and aus.$ oxr has 3.5m ounces of gold 27m ounces of silver and 1.2m tonnes of copper with significant upside with reserves. cash cost of gold under $150US per ounce. with gold bouncing of $370US will be very interesting next few weeks. good trading!!!
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