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chill out guys!!!!!!!!

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    He guys,

    seems to be too much fuss about the day to day share price with this stock.

    Some people here really should think sbout why they have bought the stock.

    With so many posts im coming to the conclusion that we have some very inexperienced investors here.

    Let me tell you this.

    Sit back and dont worry about what the stock is doing from day to day unless you are trading it.

    Also daytrading this stock could be a big mistake.

    Sometimes you are better off buying and holding for a few months. You will make more money this way.

    Trust me.

    So relax guys and watch this story unfold.

    It should have you sitting very happy come Xmas time.

    I have invested a fair bit of money in this stock and have no doubt it will be a winner.

    The news will get better and better as the year passes by.

    Have a good weekend.

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