chh, slack attitudes at ASIC(more)

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    following is my recent email to asic about their inability to answer a simple query about this stock . any comments ? who is the minister responsible for o' sight of ASIC ?

    '.......your site is as unhelpfull and useless as the two replies you have sent me below . every time i click on 'next' after filling in company details , it reverts to the previous page and clears all info typed in !!!!!!!!!!!!!! have tried a number of times

    can you not stir yourself and answer the simple question whether you have responsibility for taking action where company directors , of a delisted company , suspended for over three years , refuse to answer reasonable emails enquiring about progress towards relisting .

    is that too much to ask or are you as slack as they are and as deserving of the derision of your capacities as i read more than once on various websites ??????????????

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