Ya, from this deal there is a big message for investors in...

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    Ya, from this deal there is a big message for investors in Australian oil/gas shares. While the ASX appears to be saying ignore Australian oil/gas shares at the present time IMO the real message is avoid Australian oil/gas shares at your peril. (1)Chevron is prepared to put up A$46bn which says to me there is still a very big future for fossil fuels. (2) They are prepared to pay 40% above what the market said Anadarko was worth. (3) Don't think for one minute that the big boys are not keeping a close watch on smaller oil/gas companies. At least a dozen Australian oil/gas shares appear to be way undervalued to me, very few have reflected the 50% increase in POO since Xmas, some are actually selling at less that their price in Dec. Why there has not been any M/A at this point is rather amazing, but I think it must happen. For example good drilling results for CVN and they are gone. LCK results appears to be too good to be true. SXY not moving but approaching what should their best year ever. HZN profits to move up sharply, just to name a few. So at this point I am very bullish on several oi/gas stocks listed on the ASX , time will tell if correct.
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