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    HOMEX - Perth

    Research-based pharmaceutical company Chemeq Ltd (CMQ) today
    announced that a further independent trial has shown that using a
    lower dose of the company's drug CHEMEQ(RTM) polymeric antimicrobial
    on chickens has successfully increased growth rates, allowing an
    exceptionally high profit margin to Chemeq.

    CHEMEQ(RTM) polymeric antimicrobial is an alternative to the use of
    human antibiotics in animals, in particular chickens and pigs.

    "After reducing the dose of the drug to 10% of earlier trials,
    results showed that chickens had the same level of health and grew
    faster on less feed, providing a competitively priced alternative to
    antibiotics for farmers," said Dr Alistair Murdoch, Corporate
    Marketing Manager (Animal Health Care), Chemeq Ltd.

    "Our earlier trials showed that higher doses of the drug gave
    healthier chickens, and hence weight gains," said Dr Murdoch.
    "However in this recent trial, the small dose of CHEMEQ(RTM)
    polymeric antimicrobial gave at least two outstanding benefits.
    Firstly, exceptional weight gain of 17%; and secondly, 11% less feed
    consumption whilst achieving this increase of weight. These results
    are most economically significant for poultry farmers."

    The trial was independently directed by Professor David Hampson,
    using 60 broiler Cob 500 chickens, comparing the effect of
    CHEMEQ(RTM) polymeric antimicrobial (3mg/kg/day) versus no treatment,
    for 42 days. All results are statistically significant and,
    consistent with Chemeq Ltd's policy, are being prepared for
    publication in an international, peer-reviewed, scientific journal.

    CHEMEQ(RTM) polymeric antimicrobial is planned to be a highly
    profitable, alternative for the increasingly banned use of
    antibiotics as growth promotants in animals, especially chickens and
    pigs, for which the combined world market is estimated to be worth
    more than AUS$7billion. Chemeq is currently constructing its
    manufacturing facilities with full-scale commercial production of
    CHEMEQ(RTM) polymeric antimicrobial to begin in early 2003. Immediate
    sales to Asian countries are then planned, with world-wide sales to

    For more information:

    Dr Alistair Murdoch Jane Cotter
    Chemeq Ltd (03) 9650 1955
    (08) 9355 0099

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