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...Chemeq $50 stock???

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    MARKET CAP 278,012,512
    TOTAL USSUED 73,743,372
    SHARE PRICE $3.77

    Everything is looking good for Chemeq...!

    The US, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has already proposed fast-tracking approval of CHEMEQ(RTM) polymeric antimicrobial.

    Received regulatory approval for sale in South Africa.

    No problem recieving funding 25mill
    for building manufacturing plant to be completed 2003

    estimate market of $6 billion for chickens alone
    pigs another $....

    No Competion (so far)

    also may possibly be used as a cleaning agent
    in hospitals,labbs ect...

    The question.... Is Chemeq to become another
    $50 stock in the making...?(and I'm not talking next

    or IF not what could stop it in its progress?

    Your VIEWs please..!

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Currently unlisted public company.

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