wollydog - thanks for your thoughts, which - in essence - I...

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    wollydog - thanks for your thoughts, which - in essence - I totally agree with;

    the English doctor prescribed antibiotics (and steroids and an inhaler) for a cold which had gone from runny nose to cough then to deep chest cough of which my own breathing kept me awake at night, thinking there was a whole wind orchestra playing inside me, never mind the inability to walk more than 10 steps before running out of air.  He had actually told me to go and see my doctor in Australia to possibly get a renewal and maybe not travel in 2 day's time. 

    The antibiotics worked, I travelled with some help from wonderful airport emergency services (wheelchair, buggy, preferred transfer etc.) but my personal trauma (a daughter very ill with cancer) had contributed to my weakened immune system, plus the cold. 
    On returning I didn't see my doctor as I didn't want to take more antibiotics - they actually did the job - settling in got difficult, as now I had to deal with very hot weather and the aftermath of emotional stuff.  Last Monday I woke up with a fever, more coughs, pains in places I didn't know existed.  Anyway, now one week later after antibiotics: no more cough and I am my normal self.  To this stage I do not know if what I suffered from was virus- or bacteria-induced.
    I do not believe in taking antibiotics or any medication more than necessary.  Before this I had seen my doctor for the last years only for renewals of BP medication. Hence the shock at accidentally seeing a different doctor (mine is on holidays), telling him my problem and getting a different medication which is working a treat - at least so far.

    To re-iterate: and be a bore: - I simply wanted to alert people not to settle for same-ole same-ole medication if it is causing some side effects, but to not be afraid to ask questions of your doctor and if no response to get a second opinion.

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