Hi - I have just been through 'a lot' healthwise, mostly induced...

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    Hi - I have just been through 'a lot' healthwise, mostly induced by personal trauma, cold weather in Europe and lack of access to doctor - was relying on other people for info and transport - ignored, due to much more important things being dealt with.
    I finally thought, I'd recovered from my never-ending cold-flu drizzlyness when 'bang' it hit again, this time with a vengeance, all-night fever etc.  won't bore you with details, as this is a tale for general consumption.

    Luckily I had booked a 'new' doctor for an appointment re an update on my BP medication, which is the only medication I take, but have needed it since the financial crash in 2008 - my prescribed drug was 'Amlodipin 5 mg' 1 per day.
    I was fine, except my nice legs began vanishing until recently in England I was unable to put on boots I had bought and left there 3 years earlier, except with the use of undue violence.  the the liquid in my legs simply shifted elsewhere and I was able to put the front of my foot in.

    anyway, I had spoken about this with my doctor, who tried me on another medication which simply gave me hell, so 'we' went back to good old Amlo.

    Come Tuesday and my new doctor, who incidentally is a handsome guy of Pakistani extraction, raised and worked in England, speaks with a Welsh accent.  Very polite, complimented me on my 'youthful' looks as he saw my birth date, couldn't believe it, but maybe that's just a 'sales gimmick'.  Checked my cold, found I had temperature, more anti-biotics and then a new blood pressure medication.

    I kid you not - my legs were almost totally back to what I remember them from long ago within one dose of this new medication - don't know if I can mention it here.  I am so delighted - I can wear all my old beautiful (and expensive) shoes again, including some heels!!
    And he prescribed a complete set of new tests for me as well.

    The reason I am sharing this is:  that now I am so disgusted that I had almost accepted as my lot in life to eventually be disabled by my legs, simply because my doctor was too lazy to check this problem out.  I only checked it out caused by the utter inconvenience of having perpetually swollen feet, especially on my recent overseas holiday, where walking long distances was often a necessity.

    Please ask questions of your doc or get a new one, if you recognise similarities in this story.

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