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    One of the best articles I've read in regards to what it takes for a small company like SUDA to  make their mark and be accepted by  larger pharmaceuticals as well as the governing bodies. Its easy to be critical,but next time you do you may like to reflect on the following article to get an appreciation of what goes on behind the scene to get a product to market.The concluding paragraph say it all. Makes one appreciate what SC and crew are trying to do.

    Still, even with such a tight-knit, innovative group, Hoffman knows he’s an underdog. There’s a look in his eyes that reveals a man at once tired of the climb and confident that the peak is near. “The critics...” he trails off and smiles. There’s no frustration, and plenty of fire in his eyes. “They told us we couldn’t make this vaccine aseptically. We did. They told us we couldn’t purify it. We did. They told us our method of cryopreservation wouldn’t work. It does. We’re too small a team to brush off criticism. We take it all in, and we work hard day in and day out to overcome challenges one by one until we succeed. We do not let ourselves get interrupted by others who say this cannot be done.”
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