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Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! I think you've hit the nail square on...

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    Bang! Bang! Bang! Bang! I think you've hit the nail square on the head 4 times with your analysis there. Well said!

    It's easy to gripe when you can't make the company and its directors tell you the news you want to hear. I've done it plenty. We all want the final result to be soon. And ideally we'd like to know before it happens. It's part of the generation we belong to, to want - and expect - immediate gratification served up on a plate. Anything that does not give us what we want, when we want, we blame as being unreasonable and unfair.

    But that's not how it works. We wait. We hear a snatch of news. We conjecture what it means. And we complain. Poor us!

    Here we will undoubtedly get told, after the facts are certain, that the deal is done and the situation is way better than we feared.

    One day, probably not too far away, AP will come out and say: "Here it is. It works better than we'd hoped. And everybody wants it. Just like we said. We hope you all managed to get on board and stock up when you had the chance."

    The point is, AKP's SP is as high as it is precisely because holders know that the company is going to be very valuable as soon as they have saleable product. But it is as low as it is precisely because there is still a little uncertainty about it. It is as high and as low as it is because holders (and the wider market) weigh the probability of imminent success as being way more likely than that of failure. This is based on the aggregate of everything we have all been told to date, along with our perception of the reliability and expertise of those who tell us. Thus the price reflects the markets level of confidence as being pretty positive.

    Of course there will always be those who scoff at every bit of good news, and their input is probably necessary to the proper functioning of the market, even though I always question whey some posters spend so much time knocking stocks they do not own, or claim they don't, or claim they do! Is it a case of the fox and the grapes? Or are they simply shouting "Fire!" to hoover up any stocks that their dire warnings shake loose?

    I suspect we will know soon. And I certainly hope so. I have been accumulating AKP to fund my retirement, which was a few years away when I started, but I turn 67 in September and I'll be needing the cash pretty soon. And AKP now represents a significant overweighting in my portfolio.
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