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    Up front - I do not, and never have had any interest in JEL.

    But just for interest, check the performance of JEL since listing:

    Listed 7 mths ago (Sept, 02) at $1.00

    Missed it's prospectus forecast for Dec 02 by a country mile

    Company is now saying June 03 results will be abysmal, and well away from prospectus forecast

    shares last traded at 27c.


    What is the responsibility of the sponsoring broker in such a case?

    Obviously, the prospectus number's were crap, based upon dreams.

    Surely, someone is (who, I don't know) accountable for enticing investor's to buy stock on absolutely fairy-tale financial forecasts.

    If I did buy JEL in the IPO, at the recommendation of my broker, I reckon I would have a damn good case to sue my broker for lack of due diligence.
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