cheap arab con-man

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    The puppet PM of Iraq, Iyad Allawi, his sponsors, President Bush and VP Dick Cheney are all lying to the American public about the real situation in Iraq. They say things are getting better, that most of Iraq could vote in an election tomorrow and that “democracy and freedom will prevail, without a doubt.” Nonsense! Out and out lies.

    The Sunni Triangle, Sadr City, Najaf, Ramadi, Karbala, Mosul, Samarra—all of these important centers, even Kirkuk, which once seemed safe in the hands of the Kurds, have all become no-go zones for the American troops and the small number of Iraqis who dare venture in to be shot. America is bombing all of these places on an almost daily basis; thus, antagonizing more and more Iraqis and more Muslims throughout the world. As I said in an article months ago, America and its puppets around Allawi have succeeded in doing something that could not be done since the 700s, they have united the Sunni and Shi’a against America and its occupation army.

    America and Allawi keep speaking about a “civil war breaking out” if America leaves. But from polls taken, most Iraqis say they will take that chance, and all their leaders have made clear that they want the Americans out so they can pull their country together. This hardly sounds like “civil war.”

    Bush and Allawi continue to lie, day after day, to the point that the American public, hearing these lies from the U.S. media now believes them. But, those on the ground who know enough to distrust the words of Allawi, know better. Finally, today, on MSNBC, the Baghdad chief of bureau for Newsweek, a Mr. Nordland, said, “Things are very bad, and many of the places that Mr. Allawi said are safe, are places I would not venture into.” This helps contradict Bush, Allawi and the sycophants who hang at the hotels and repeat Allawi’s words to the American media outlets for whom they work.

    As anyone who has spent time in the Arab or Muslim world knows, you can tell a man’s honesty by his eyes; I’ve spent that kind of time there as has Robert Fisk and Patrick Cockburn and some others. They know what I know, Allawi is a big liar, not to be trusted about anything he says. He’s a cheap Arab con-man who may be useful to the neo-cons in D.C., but not good for the Iraqis. He was in exile for good reason, no one in Iraq wanted him there, neither Saddam or the religious leaders nor the people of Iraq. The only group that wanted him was the CIA; used them and they used him, now we have a mess on our hands with Allawi making it worse. I personally don't think he'll last that long, especially if he wanders outside of the American protected "green zone."
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