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    I went through a few questions with AD yesterday which may be of interest. I focused on the following areas:

    (1) will capex really be THAT low?
    (2) what is the current level of understanding and confidence in the metallurgy?
    (3) timeline to production looks like it could be shorter to me, why does the financing and FS take so long?
    (4) view on the rock phosphate market?
    (5) why is the register lacking institutional presence?

    If I can give a rough version of the responses, they are:

    (1)the independent consultant believed a simple crushing and wet screening plant will achieve 75% recovery, upgrading to 35% product. Related to (2) below
    (2) we know that impurities are low, very low cadmium and very low else (forgot), no uranium to worry about (a big advantage)
    (3) preso timeline is out of date, financing could be very swift (for obvious reasons). Think he indicated FS could also be fast tracked.
    (4) China and Morocco conserving rock exports, want to value add. None of the other mid-east exporters are swing producers.
    (5) Insto presence is coming on to the register now (recent buying, perhaps from $1.50 mark)

    Most of this has already been articulated on hotcopper in some form. I think (3) could be interesting, could MAK be a producer in late 2009? I'll leave it up to your judgement but the ramifications for the share price would be significant.
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