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I have sold all REITs, 97% of banks and higher risks stocks to...

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    I have sold all REITs, 97% of banks and higher risks stocks to reinvest in PAI and PMC. And switched the superannuation funds to similar options.

    PTM funds employ risks reduction strategies via cash and short positions to manage portfolio risk, market risk and currency risk.

    - Increase cash holdings and reduce net equity exposure to protect the portfolio - when the market experiences widespread excessive exuberance and undervalued stocks become scarce.

    - Short-sell stocks and indices that have been identified as being extravagantly overvalued by the market and to limit risk by reducing a portfolio’s net invested position.

    - Actively manage currency exposure using hedging devices to capture potential returns and minimising currency risks.

    The Platinum International Fund has an outstanding record of delivering absolute returns,largely as a consequence of actively managed, diversified equity portfolio that seeks to contain losses during market downturns. Over all rolling five-year periods, commencing each month since inception, the Company has achieved positive returns far more frequently than the MSCI and with many more periods exceeding a compound return of 8% per annum. Moreover, the Company has recorded considerably fewer negative return periods and much smaller losses when negative returns did occur, compared to the MSCI.

    A truly diversified portfolio of companies from around the world and across industry sectors, the fund offers investors exposure to undervalued businesses in both developed and emerging markets.

    PTM view under valued companies in China, Korea, India and other Asian countries that are engine of dynamism and growth for the world economy are investing opportunities – avoiding the crowd, and seeking investment opportunities in assets that are undervalued.

    China, Korea and other Asian markets are undervalued due to the trade war with US. And Hong Kong riots.
    China continues to return to work and activity levels are normalising after the COVID-19 lockdown.
    Post GFC, China experienced a quick recovery and is likely to perform better in the next few years than those countries that are still reporting large COVID-19 cases and deaths.

    China’s growing economic sectors featured higher revenue growth, higher profitability, and lower leverage than the broader equities market, and they tended to be priced with higher valuation.
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