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    They have done OK on a poor market day. Daily chart looks like a bit more upside still, but it is also getting a bit long in the tooth.
    If it hadn't been a crap day they probably would be 75c or 76c now.

    They have ALMOST done enough time across the latest high to create a fall back. But not quite by the looks. Thus that bit more room for a higher peak. 76c? 78c?
    If they can't break to this new high in a day or two I would leave.
    Today is a poor market day, Monday should be better.

    AFTER that new high, which is also a battle of a Resistance point created by last May (2002) high, they could break out above it. But the battle shoudl still cop a fall back first really.

    Hopefully you have reasonable leeway of gains to have some breathing room.
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