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    Good Morning Extractors....happy days to you all.

    No predictions but positive signs it seems. My summary for EXT today...rip it apart lads... lol

    The current chart indicates EXT is positive in the DMI with the positive indicator well above the Average DMI and crossed and above the negative DMI. I am ignoring the last downward movement of the positve DMI as the price at close was not indicative of what was occurring at close yesterday IMO. If not for the small sell at .02 below what was next in line it may well have closed the same as Thursday, which I think would have shown a stronger positive DMI.

    The MACD continues to climb upward and the 90 day trend line has been broken twice in the last 2 trading days. The Elder Ray Bulls having taken over with the ER Bears now flat lining at zero or just below on the chart.

    EMA for 15 and 30 days has been cleared with the 60 very close to breaking through.

    My summary:
    time to go long...
    EXT is in a clear upward trend and is indicating as bullish atm. I am loath to say it but with the accumulation and testing of .06 that hass occurred for some time and now .07 that has occurred and sustained....I see this testing to continue on a steady upward trend, for how long? I have no idea.

    EXT Incredible chart for you...have a good day y'all
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    PS: Don't rely on any of this summary and DYOR ....
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Currently unlisted public company.

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