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    The chart on the daily, comments accordingly. Looking very interesting right now. Still, think that there are quite a few big moves to come to the WKT SP. Games to be expected on the charts and unfortunately I think there is going to be more short term turbulence so buckle in the ride is about to get bouncy.

    1. It is maintained more than 100% of its gains from recent lows.
    2. 15MA still a good level of support
    3. Strong level of support at 0.240c
    4. RSI coming back into the normal trading zone, IMO a good sign you want it to be trailing under the overbought line, so it can push higher.

    1. Thought we would have started heading up by the based on the bullish wedge.
    2. Sellers very much in control at the moment.
    3. Low volume, supply and demand is still a bit of a worry. Manipulation will be easy making TA very unpredictable at this point.
    4. Next resistance level at 0.260C.
    5. Next major resistance at 0.30c based on Market depth via COMMSEC.


    If you are buying or topping up, wait for the pull backs. The levels are some what clearly defined now.

    AIMO. Good luck all.
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