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    Hi All, in light of the recent banter on the normal charting thread, I thought it would be prudent to start a new charting thread.
    Note: if you do not believe in charting, do not post or read stuff on here.To help guide us better please stick to the following recommendations or you will be reported to moderators. Please report people who do not follow these guidelines on this thread to moderators.

    Thread Guidelines:
    1. Please post your comments only on TA, your post will be reported no matter how valuable your FA post is.
    2. FA comments relating to TA are allowed, however must be made in direct comparison to TA.
    3. (!IMPORTANT) Your post must have a chart (Image) that supports your relevant information you are posting on. Please do not post in this thread without a chart attached to your post. Therefore If you are commenting on a users post that has a chart, please quote the post so that the original chart image is included.
    4. Your comments and charts must always relate to WKT, if you are comparing other charts please include both charts.
    Thanks again to all the charting contributors and members for respecting this thread.

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