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charter's challenge

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    Hdr has had an interesting few weeks, the banter between the loyal and the doubters has been interesting to say the least. Of recent the "charters" seem to have been right, at this point in time, that HDR was going to have a fall and has done so. The HDr faithful...well they are looking further ahead in time and see this drop as a "glich". So how about the "Charters" predict whats next for HDR..say, the next week, fortnight, month, 2 months, 6 months, whatever you can read from charts..maybe even to a year. Where the bottom is..where the top is and....any turn around..up or down in price. The HDR loyal have said their views...lets see what the charts say. Ideally it would be great to have serious evaluations of HDR...it does have something going for it....

    I do not hold HDR...but the discussion over the past weeks, would be interesting to see who gets it right..good luck to all in whatever they are holding...who in their right mind would wish a loss on anyone...cheers
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