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Asb whatever value you claim is not so real, the FV is simply...

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    Asb whatever value you claim is not so real, the FV is simply what the buyer and seller agree on the day.

    I’ve seen companies acquired for more than $10 billion only to be written down by as much as 80%. On the other hand, there are companies that were bought for a few cents but are worth millions not long after. So imo as a holder of shares of a company that Gxy has intelligently invested in (lol), this debate will go nowhere. Gxy will hold on to SDV and the value will increase or decrease depending on which day it is monetised - Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday.

    In fact asb83 anyone claiming to know the true value is lying, including yourself.

    Valuation of a project or company is not true science - it is making fudge numbers. This is reflected the wide range of sp targets for the same company.

    If asb worked for JPM, they attribute asb’s valuation as JPM’s. If he worked for Citigroup, asb’s valuation will be deemed citi’s valuation. But reality is asb could just be like me who finished from the school of had knocks. In reality his valuation is a school of hard knocks valuation. This is the reason many professionals not just doctors are insured for malpractice. It’s like dieselgate insurance.

    Cheers ( just a bit of humour spin from me, don’t take it seriously.
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