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SDV speaks for itself. Grade, size, location, quality. Are you...

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    SDV speaks for itself. Grade, size, location, quality.

    Are you saying that there was never 40 interested parties..? That the company was lying?

    Careful there chap. This can go downhill for you rather quickly with those types of accusations.

    I understand some others have been in hot water for similar...

    In any case, SDV will go ahead, and a partner may be brought on board at some time in the future - next week, next month, next year - but it will be to the long term advantage of the company. They don't do anything for the short term gains of those that are simply here "to milk it" like you admitted to.

    You lot are carrying on like it's the end of the world... Big deal, our JV terms aren't met yet. Big deal. It's a multi decade operation involving many billions in revenue. It matters not whether it takes another 3/5/12 months to get the right team together. ...except for the pip traders like you coz it messes with your plans. Tough.
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