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    The chart of monthly prices over 10 years for security RIS

    Once sinotrans came onboard a new trend started. It peaked at 15 cents just before the AGM in anticipation of a new share issue. It didn't happen and the price fell on small volume. Then late last year they announced that there had been a problem with the transfer of shares to sinotrans.

    A transaction that was made in March '13 was only completed late last year.....Then we get a lovely green candle and it looks like the sellers won't take less than 15 cents!!

    It peaks at 16.5 and holds, up until a director steps in and buys at 15. Then they release a beautiful full year result. It shows they have become even more profitable, (largely due to lower fuel costs)and their keen understanding of currencies. (Sticking with the greenback)

    After listing in '06 at 50cents the stock was abandoned. Despite years of profit, shareholders never complained or asked for divies, and the directors never issued options. There are 770 shareholders who hold less than $500 worth, who would be from IPO. There has never been any demand.

    Yes the chart tells a story, and there is plenty of room above last months candle for the happy ending. There is also a lot of investment money in China and Singapore, that would be welcome in such a safe, well maintained, company operating in a niche market, making profits and with $11 m in the bank. ( with a MC of <$10m)

    They have operated in Singapore harbour for 16 years. And they currently have a 15% share placement facility, which, ....wait for it......can be paid for in a tanking Aussie dollar!

    I don't think it gets any better than this... Excited!
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