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    Well in an general attempt to remain unpopular, let me begin with I think the posts here aren't worth reading much.

    Except to gauge sentiment, which is poor and therefor maybe a good time to enter soon. When people think the share price will break out on ASX posted news alone it's laughable. Anyway...I figure if you aren't inside the company, guessing at what is happening is pretty pointless. Maybe, as I have said before, follow the chart, as that shows where money is going.

    The chart also shows the historical turning point of 43 / 43.5 as a low risk entry that is holding. I have now re-entered a fraction of what I used to own. But a small and good punt now I think, alebit not confirmed. Orgone, are you around any more...?

    note - holding the 43.5 mark, Psar shows uptrend beginning (for now) and volume is drying up as Bollinger bands contract. Look for a pinch to time lower risk entry. (why do I bother...)

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Currently unlisted public company.

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