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    re: chart update/prospects Yes Dakmad, this is a pedigree stock and I rate it quite highly. Possibly high enough to become #2 stock after NRT ($7):

    And this is the info which attracts the buyers: one of my last posts on the above mentioned thread:

    "They do now say in the Annual Report that in the case of NIM (Norwood Immunology) listing (AIM board, London), there will be a placement. That could mean that the current smaller Aussie Holder will be cut out.

    However, NAL's finances are already in good shape and that means that they could spin-off a smaller NIM stake than I referred to previously. If that is so, that could result in quite a handsome price for the floated-off stake, in turn increasing the value of NAL.

    This would presumably occur after a big US Pharma has been chosen as a partner which in itself is a good catalyst for a NAL price rise and would really set the scene for that NIM listing.

    Then, a Nasdaq listing of NAL is mentioned and that connection with NIM ought to be a powerful price stimulant for NAL as wel, I believe.

    Immunology is the key word and I believe that NIM is a "goer" alright.

    But it could be doubtful if the Aussie Investor gets a Nasdaq allocation. I need to inquire about that.

    NAL is closely following NRT's procedure; the latter is slightly different but sofar has been very rewarding.

    NRT and NAL are shrewd companies.

    To readers: Circumstances may change. Please do your own research and you decide if and when to buy, hold or sell any stocks.

    Voluntary Disclosure: Position Sentiment: None TOU violation

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