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    Well bugger me dead, there is not even a Chart Thread here. So here's my 2 Bob's worth and something for those interested to work on progressively and view the SP from a TA perspective going forward,.

    From the Daily and since listing, to me the Volume indicator is the key, this is now looking to play out until Years End I believe, with further sideways movement where my Orange Line stretches out to December 31st or thereabouts (without major breaking news that is).
    So as a few have stated it is Volume No.1, Brokers, Marketing and the like that is required and the catalyst for future SP growth. SP3 have an extremely solid base to work from.
    Looking forward to the AGM, where this is a must to see if Management can start to produce shareholder growth & wealth ultimately.

    SP3 - 15th Nov 2018.png
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