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chart - looking to rise

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    As mentioned earlier today Bells have been recent sellers of these shares, however let's go through the chart.
    After a high of 36.65c on 18/1/05 the shares found of bottom on 10/6; and since then they have been making higher swing lows which is a bullish development. Moving on to 1/8 that was a failure swing, and a bullish movement, confirmed the next day on 2/8. There was another failure swing on 25/8 when the share price went down and closed at 25c, and there has been a quadruple bottom at that price, with buyers taking out the sellers, and interestingly on 2/9 last Friday, there was a kangaroo tail on the price which shows that the buyers were stepping out and absorbing the sellers, as and when the share price went down, the buyers were keen to get the shares.
    We are getting nearer the time for production and if the gold price was to rise, gold shares could well come more into vogue. This is a high grade gold share with exception exploration potential IMO, and located at a good address, then buyers could well wake up and take positions in the shares.
    Again it is early days which I favour.
    Best wishes playmates,

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