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    Hi Gordon,
    Sorry this is a few days late....but lets look at whats possible...
    Over all the charts not looking to flash please be aware that I take a short or Med term view.
    Basicly on the daily its formed close enough to a Double Top and a Triange of sorts, the full retacement of the DT is 92 cents..to avoid that it must bounce at the 2 white arrows or its in big strife...imo
    Note 2 gaps one is at, what do ya know 91.5 c and the other $1.25, the volume on the first (91.5)is double isssh of the day before whether it's enough to make it a Breakaway is something we will find out soon or maybe in Feb.
    The other thing is the 30d ma is crossing down through the 50d ma (Blue)not good at all thats why I call it the 30d Kiss of Death...So keep a eye on that if it moves further down..its up to you...I'd begone before now.(but then I'd only have 20 grands worth)lol..
    All daily and weekly inds are saying down,with the weeklys having more to go (anyone who thinks this is oversold is kidding themseleves.just look at the weekly stoch its been over bought.imo...)
    And this could still fall to the 30d and 50a ma's on the weekly which I'd think would be support..
    Note on the weekly the same Triangle if it supports here... note the little white dashed line (With out a break of the Dashed Yellow above)that will make it a Descending Triangle due to break low in Feb.if it breaks up of the triangle the lower gap maybee a breakaway..???
    To round up it needs to bounce here and now and break up of the Triangle on the weekly to go on with it, or it will fill the lower gap soon or in Feb..
    Also note its broken Down from the Up Trending SEC in Blue weekly chart so now the Trend is Down...
    But unless it pulls a Bunny out of the hat thats the way it will go...imo

    The 10 weeks on the weekly is is a rough time frame when it can go either way, note we are not at the end of the week just yet.
    Cheers Pete..



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