LNG 4.88% 19.5¢ liquefied natural gas limited

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    Hi mAutt,

    This is why i just "love" social media, Not !
    Without Emoticons everything is up for misinterpretation
    See what i did there ? Now you have a much better idea of what i really mean, rather than assuming everyone gets our humour, jokes & sarcasm which is open to interpretation. Now i love a good joke as much as the next person ! As long as they have a sick or sarcastic sense of humour, even though, to quote Oscar Wilde, "Sarcasm is the lowest form of wit, but the highest form of intelligence." but i don't expect everyone to get it here on HC especially when a lot of the members are from overseas and therefore wouldn't necessarily get our Ozzy humour or colloquialisms, so what seems bleeding obvious to you & i, isn't always the case unfortunately, reminds me of the movie, Lost in Translation. Anyway, don't be too hard on yourself mAutt, as i think my Toot-tooter train backfired as well by @ 3.5% today, that's what happens when you overshoot the platform mAutt sometimes you have to back up a little to take on more passengers, before it's full steam ahead

    I drove trains once, believe it or not mAutt and now i want to see more being built, slightly different looking ones i know, but since i've been here holding on tight for some years now, i like many others, as well as close personal friends of mine just want to see this Company & it's very patient long suffering shareholders, as well as MB's dreams finally become a reality, with Maggy & BH coming to fruition one day, surely that's not too much to ask, is it ? We just need a bit of luck & a few more thing's to go our way & from where i'm sitting it feels like the winds of change are upon us atm, but i'm not counting my Chicken's just yet

    Looking forward to what 2017 plus the future has in 'storage' for us all, hopefully a dirty great big tank of LNG or four !

    Go Maggy - Go LNG - Go the Bear with the Big Head


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Mkt cap ! $118.0M
Open High Low Value Volume
20.0¢ 20.5¢ 18.5¢ $182.9K 948.5K

Buyers (Bids)

No. Vol. Price($)
2 33223 19.0¢

Sellers (Offers)

Price($) Vol. No.
19.5¢ 68204 4
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Last update - 15.45pm 21/08/2019 (20 minute delay) ?
-0.010 ( 5.94 %)
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19.8¢ 20.0¢ 18.5¢ 664020
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