LNG 0.00% 4.3¢ liquefied natural gas limited

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    You're taking this out of context Wook.
    For starters I am the oldest one here, other than AB of course, who has recently been included on the endangered species register so he hardly counts as old, more like a national relic. But for those that have met him he's a flaming legend, with an absolutely lovely wife (batting above his spot in the order there)
    Secondly, I was one that didn't believe the TA previously, to my absolute own demise. So I and indeed many here, realise it should be heeded.
    Thirdly, I work in the industry (well used to) so I too have been a source of some knowledge, albeit maybe useless but nonetheless knowledge.
    So my rant is a little tongue in cheek and a little factual as there was indeed resistance at 70 cents which is now broken.
    There are a lot of long termers here that seriously need a leg up, and if I chose to lighten the mood with a little historical tongue in cheek banter that is more directed at me than anyone else, then so be it. It's a free world mate and I'm not changing..
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