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No excuses, but I'll give you a few reasons... 1. The SP is in a...

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    No excuses, but I'll give you a few reasons...
    1. The SP is in a clear uptrend
    2. Every time you down-ramp it moves higher
    3. The macro picture has never looked better for LNG
    4. The Europeans are wanting to diversify away from Russian gas supply and have specifically stated they want US gas.
    5. An end to the trade machinations with China will see an immediate movement towards more LNG deals as a sign of good will between the two nations, neither can really afford a trade war despite the current bravado.
    6. You sold out too early and have a serious case of fomo.
    7. No other project is ready and waiting. And despite our inability to close a deal the current level of accumulation suggests someone with deep pockets thinks it's really close.
    8. On a risk reward basis acknowledging the risk of failure, but also extrapolating a successful outcome the risk reward ratio is probably 3 to 1 immediately after signing but more likely upwards of 10 to 1 based on Maggy alone at first shipment.
    9. Not to mention Bear Head and that you sold out too early.
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