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    Ok, I think you all remember my love of charts (not) and their relevance to LNG. However, I am mindful that these things work sometimes, and that we should be aware of them, at least.

    Have we got any chartering type people left on the thread?? Or are they all still hanging out the back by their thumbs perched precariously above sharp wooden stakes.

    I'm no chartist, but I see the resistance at 70 cents being a hurdle we have to break through on this "thrust" (ooow, I love it when I talk dirty), if we can break that, then we have a little run up. We have visited 70 twice recently and been turned away, we also seem to have higher lows forming. Which is good....yes? Trouble is there are some big orders sitting around 70 we need to rip through and the buy side looks a little light. Been a good day though.

    So any chart people please give me your thoughts.

    And no whinging fundamentals people here please. This is a TA thread........(sh!t I never thought I'd say that!!)
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