KMN 4.00% 12.0¢ kings minerals nl

charrys lemon rising

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    Like all I have had some good wins and some losses. Clawed my way back with EPT today which I still think is a winner! Celebrating my tan now with a few beers as I can't trade tomorrow, have to do a real job and my EPT is at the mercy of the masses.

    I have two lemons which I want to squeeze for better results. One is BPO which just needs a break re Qcide and Japanese contracts. I won't go there as I am sure it is just about to happen.

    My other lemon is KMN which I have been sitting on but there has been little action due to minining inactivity in Africa. I have noticed a lot of movement recently which has brought the price up from approx 2 to 3.1c today. Someone was also testing bids at 3.5c. Does anyone know what is going on re kmn? Is there some light at the end of the tunnel or is it just spec re the interest in Gold at the moment? Having another beer now celebrating EPT revival, any response appreciated from you good folk. (No need for the ray lamp tonight EPT is back) LOL
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