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change in holding l1 capital

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    Does anyone know who L1 Capital is?

    The announcement on 10/10/2011 is a little low in detail. Normally we get a list of all the purchases and sales relevant to that change in holding also they had also been accumulating since 5/6/2010 which seems odd as the ASX would normally like slightly fresher information, not something that is up to 16 months old.

    Anyways, the average price paid was 0.35c but they had been buying since 5/6/10 and they only told the market on 10/10/2011 ... They would have had to of purchased most of their shares prior to 10/09/2010 to achieve an average that low.

    My only thought was L1 Cap might want their purchases kept secret for some reason. They used 5 brokers to make their purchases over the last 16 months.

    Does anyone know who they are?
    Does anyone know why they are buying when the mine is still a little bit in limbo?
    Is there any reason for the delay in notification?

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