chairman walks out of agm

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    Usually it is shareholders who walk out of an AGM in frustration.
    This morning the chairman of Aliquot got so frustrated at the numerous very pertinent questions on the company's accounts that he refused to take any more questions and called for a vote on the motion, saying that questions could be continued after the vote.
    Immediately after the vote, despite protests from the shareholders, he closed the meeting, got up and walked out.
    However the shareholders refused to move. They continued asking questions of the remaining board members. One shareholder was advised to sell her shares if she did not like where the company was heading. Considering the cash drain on this company, that might actually be very good advice indeed.

    AGMs never cease to amaze me. Most of the time the shareholders sit back and accept everything that the top table said. This time they did not.
    We should have more like that.
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