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CGB Top Twenty Holders Questions

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    G'day Everyone,

    I'm not sure if this has been raised and answered before, I was reading through the first prospectus dated 27 September 2017 released by QBL (Now CGB) and noted that CGB Directors Pnina and Sholom Feldman both hold 193,597,812 shares each, which equates to a total off  24.02% shares in CGB. It is noted that these shares "Held through entities controlled by Pnina and Sholom Feldman including L’Hayyim PtyLtd and Volcan Australia Corporation Pty Ltd."
    Extract from the first Prospectus:

    I then read Annual report dated 22nd October 2018 it showed a List of the Top Twenty holders of QBL/CGB as at  30 September 2018 and I noted that "VOLCAN AUSTRALIA CORPORATION PTY LTD" are Listed as the number one share holder of QBL/CGB with 189,375,000 (11.74%) shares and the second top holder of QBL/CGB shares is "FIRST STATE PTY LIMITED"with 71,261,700 (4.42%) of shares.
    Extract from the annual report 22 October 2018:

    My question is: if CGB Directors Pnina Feldman holds 193,597,812 (12.01%) shares and Sholom Feldman Holds 193,597,812 (12.01%) shares or 24.02% total of Shares in CGB through their entities, why is that only "Volcan" with 189,375,000  (11.74%) is listed in the top twenty holders (as at 30 September 2018)? I would like to know where the other 197,820,624 shares (12.28%) are? 
    The second top holder First State Pty Ltd accounts for only 4.42% of CGB shares, I would have thought with this amount of shares that at least one of the other entities controlled by Sholom and/or Pnina Feldman would have showed up in the top twenty holders of QBL/CGB. If this question has been raised before would someone point me in the direction of it so I can gain an understanding of how such matters work?

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