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    CFMEU official appears in court following alleged fight over food and access to a staff shed

    A WORKPLACE food fight has landed a CFMEU official in court after he allegedly threw non-union workers’ food on the floor in protest over their use of a smoko shed.

    The spat at the Pacific Fair redevelopment site in March last year allegedly saw the man storming around a lunch shed claiming non-union workers should not be using it because “sheds were won by unionists for unionists”.

    Fair Work Building and Construction (FWBC) will tell the Federal Circuit Court the man repeatedly removed workers’ lunches from the fridge and put it on the ground outside the shed, telling a manager: “It’s not your shed. It has been paid for by somebody else.”

    When the manager returned the lunch to the fridge so it didn’t spoil, it’s claimed the unionist came back and told him to “get out of the f---ing shed” before throwing the lunches and two cartons of milk outside and onto a pile of workers’ possessions he’d earlier removed.

    Eventually the manager removed all workers’ possessions from the shed and fridge and the unionist locked it with a padlock, preventing access for everyone.

    It’s claimed he told the site’s foreman that the situation could be fixed by making sure everyone on the job was in the union. The official, who had first arrived at the site to check safety concerns, is facing a $40,500 fine for obstructing workers’ access to the site shed four times.

    The CFMEU and its Queensland division also face maximum fines of $204,000. The case sets a record for the most proceedings the FWBC has had before the court in Queensland.
    A directions hearing is set for March 9.
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