CFR 0.00% 0.6¢ cluff resources pacific nl

cfg + cph + chris cuffe +kp +jp

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    Guys you would think with all the smart minds on board ie; former colonial smarties/brains since July 2003
    that they will work out and get the best prices and deals for CFR.

    By the way I think a stake in CFG would be a smart move. There are some warrants at 14.5 with ex price 45 due May 04 I may try, premium to the .53 for CFG
    or just buy cfg

    ANIKA is a well known town ?? or mine in Central Queensland with books written about it because it is famous for its sapphires. see ref.

    CFR make references to sapphire mining on their map at ANIKA
    and diamonds at Copeton and Bingara nthn NSW
    1500 diamonds so far at 4-5 to the carat
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