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cfe announcement and set backs - what ??

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    So all those people who bagged me, as I said they had to
    1. Restructure the offer, now they have written off
    $45 Mil value from the Qcopper and CFE is $32 Mil worse off
    2. Extend the offer to Feb 2010, so how many people would still hang around for that!!!!!
    3. Now subject to Share Holder approval and all the people who invested have the 100% option of withdrawing their money from the float as I said.
    to all those rampers who said A new buyer would be found, Tony sage would pull it off, Bla Bla Bla, we have 2 months of uncertainity and doubts waiting for us.

    Don't mislead people by ramping. I say QCL float is doomed.
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